The Importance of Diversity in Horror Fiction

by Alan McDaniels | May 23, 2023

In the modern world, diversity is crucial because it enables us to learn from one another and recognize that each person is exceptional and unique in their own unique manner. People have various histories, ethnicities, and experiences, just as each person has unique interests, pastimes, and skills. Research in both the academic and professional worlds has demonstrated that inclusion of different backgrounds serves as one of the most important factors in creating creative teams. This is because it establishes an environment that encourages creativity and aids in bringing together various viewpoints, ideas, and voices to form an original concept, output, or strategy.

Diversity in well-known motion pictures and television shows is important because a realistic depiction of society has an impact on both the over- and under-represented groups in society. An erroneous, frequently offensive portrayal, however, is detrimental to both whole groups as well as specific individuals. Films being an art with very wide range, the presence of diversity in stories shown all around the world help people to become aware that there are people that do not necessarily look like them but could still be at the same level when it comes to performance—be it in arts or sciences or any other field of industry.

Horror movies serve the objective of drawing attention to our collective subconscious’s hidden fears, desires, drives, and primal archetypes. As a result of their universality, mothers’ faces and shadows play significant roles in these films. Films with casts of between 21 and 30 percent people of color had the biggest median worldwide box office receipts in 2021, while those with casts of fewer than 11 percent people of race had the worst results, repeating a pattern from the previous four years.

The fear factor is inevitably going to be the most significant aspect of any horror story. People read horror to be provoked and terrified, not just for simple entertainment. Having said that, here are some things you can utilize to effectively frighten your audience: At their core, scary stories share characteristics with other types of tales, such as a primary protagonist with a purpose and challenges on their path. However, they also include a number of other elements, such as a spooky scenario, disturbing character(s), and an unexpected element or “oh no!” moment.

Creativity and innovation are fueled by diversity. Every culture, every nation, and each individual have their own unique perspectives on the world. The information, viewpoints, and points of view of every culture, nation, and individual vary as well. Miracles can happen when these various points of view are brought together. It aids in eradicating unfair preconceptions and individual prejudices regarding various populations. Cultural diversity also enables us to acknowledge and respect “ways of being” that aren’t necessarily similar to our own. so that via our interactions with others, we can create barriers across cultures and promote trust, respect, and understanding.

However, by implementing efficient inclusivity processes, the public is given the facts and is able to form their perceptions based on those facts rather than some false assumptions, which ultimately leads to a decrease in negative prejudices and an increase in mutual respect.

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