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The Eleventh Hour

Eleven Tales Of Terror

Author: Alan M McDaniels

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Who can close their eyes after reading these bone-chilling stories? For those who are not scared to have goosebumps and who dare to immerse in these eleven tales of terror will find The Eleventh Hour a thrilling read. Author Alan M. McDaniels invites everyone to enter a world filled with aliens, devils, and other gruesome creatures as he brings these nightmares to life in The Eleventh Hour.

From “The Prison” to “Hunger Pains”, readers will feel these “Hearts of Ice” that will melt “Into the Shadows”. These are just some of the macabre tales that will keep readers grinding their teeth as they leaf through the pages.

In the story, “The Portrait”, readers will meet 43-year-old Xavier who will do what he needs to make a profit, even if that means someone else gets screwed. That’s what he did to an older gypsy woman who trusted him. While she painted a beautiful portrait of Xavier as a thank you gift, he cost her to lose thirty grand. That night, he didn’t really mind the new portrait when he put it on the dresser before he slept. He felt hands wrapping around his throat which caused him to open his eyes, gasping for breath. There was a black, misshapen figure towering over him. He tried to free himself, but it wouldn’t let go. He was having a nightmare, wasn’t he?

The story “My Demon’s Name is Barnum” follows 34-year-old Darren, who seems to be just an average Joe, except he’s been battling with demons. It started almost five years ago when he was still an up-and-coming attorney. His wife and two children were in a vehicular accident and his life turned sideways ever since. He attempted to end his life several times, until he met a man in a three-piece black suit with a red tie and a smooth yet raspy voice. But is he really a man?

These stories and so much more will take readers to the edge of their seats and give them goosebumps even after they turn the last page.

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